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McAfee Activate, Download & complete installation online. We are providing independent support service if in case you face problem to activate or Activate McAfee Retail Card.

Redeem, Download and Install McAfee Retail Card

McAfee sells Retail Cards in various retail stores that allow you to download your security product from the internet instead of installing from a CD. This ensures that the product you install is always the latest version. Sometime due to the virus or security conflicts, problems can create for your security, protection and installation and then its get more difficult to install McAfee for normal PC users. But we are here to help you to fix those critical problems and successfully redeem, download and install your McAfee card products in your PC. If you have tried a lot yourself and still not finding the way how to figure out about the installation of McAfee RetailCard then just call us on the toll free numbers and we will try our best to help you in this situation.

Instructions for Activating McAfee Retail Card:

Step 1: Open McAfee Retailcard activation page

  1. McAfee has a common page for redeeming or activating your retail product purchase.
  2. The site address is http://home.mcafee.com/root/productcard.aspx?pkgid=276.
  3. But this page address sometimes is changed.
  4. So do a Google or a Bing search for “redeem McAfee retailcard” to find the correct page.

Step 2: Select the right country and product, and enter PIN

  1. Select your location and the product purchased from the Retail Card activation page.
  2. Enter the 25 digit PIN number from the retail card that you purchased.
  3. You will have to scratch the back of the card to see the PIN Number.

Step 3: Create a McAfee account or you can login into your existing McAfee account.

  1. McAfee account permits McAfee to keep track of all the different software licenses that you have purchased and installed.
  2. When you move your McAfee protection from one PC to another, or want to disable McAfee auto-renewal this account is necessary.
  3. McAfee installation requires you to create this account. You need to visit https://home.mcafee.com/secure/protected/login.aspx?# to create this account.

Step 4 : Download the software by clicking on it  and then install it.

  1. Download the McAfee Antivirus application by clicking on the download link.
  2. Run the installation program.
  3. Complete the install – best not to select “custom installation option”.

Follow the below web addresses if you are having other McAfee RetailCard Product Versions.

For installing this product follow this steps before installations.

  • First make sure your system configuration meets the minimum system requirements.
  • System needs to be updated to the latest and also make sure that updates are installed completely.
  • Then uninstall all the unwanted, similar and conflicting programs from the system.
  • Also make sure that you remove all the temporary files from the system.
  • After following above steps, Download Mcafee Antivirus product by visiting McAfee.com/activate.

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